Crossword Puzzle Number 991 (Extra Small Grid)

11     12    13   
14     15    16   
17    18    19  20  
   21  22  23  24   
25 26   27  28   29 30 31 
32   33    34  35   
  36     37 38    
39 40     41   42 43 44 
45    46 47    48   
49    50     51   
52    53     54   


1. A French abbot.
5. A master's degree in business.
8. Extremely pleasing.
11. A sudden short attack.
12. A constellation in the southern hemisphere near Telescopium and Norma.
13. An inflammatory complication of leprosy that results in painful skin lesions on the arms and legs and face.
14. In bed.
15. Any of several small ungulate mammals of Africa and Asia with rodent-like incisors and feet with hooflike toes.
16. A nucleic acid consisting of large molecules shaped like a double helix.
17. A room or establishment where alcoholic drinks are served over a counter.
20. The blood group whose red cells carry both the A and B antigens.
21. A compartment in front of a motor vehicle where driver sits.
23. The sense organ for hearing and equilibrium.
25. Liquid containing proteins and electrolytes including the liquid in blood plasma and interstitial fluid.
27. Tag the base runner to get him out.
29. A defensive missile designed to shoot down incoming intercontinental ballistic missiles.
32. A radioactive element of the actinide series.
35. A light touch or stroke.
37. Informal terms for a mother.
39. United States tennis player who was the first Black to win United States and English singles championships (1943-1993).
45. Aircraft landing in bad weather in which the pilot is talked down by ground control using precision approach radar.
48. Title for a civil or military leader (especially in Turkey).
49. An ugly evil-looking old woman.
50. According to the Old Testament he was a pagan king of Israel and husband of Jezebel (9th century BC).
51. An undergarment worn by women to support their breasts.
52. A loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth.
53. Designer drug designed to have the effects of amphetamines (it floods the brain with serotonin) but to avoid the drug laws.
54. A river in north central Switzerland that runs northeast into the Rhine.


1. An Arabic speaking person who lives in Arabia or North Africa.
2. A small cake leavened with yeast.
3. A coffin along with its stand.
4. A doctor's degree in education.
5. (informal) Roused to anger.
6. (informal) Exceptionally good.
7. An associate degree in applied science.
8. Any federal law-enforcement officer.
9. A former copper coin of Pakistan.
10. Divulge information or secrets.
18. Obvious and dull.
19. An official prosecutor for a judicial district.
22. (Scotland) A small loaf or roll of soft bread.
24. A unit of absorbed ionizing radiation equal to 100 ergs per gram of irradiated material.
26. Being ten more than one hundred ninety.
28. A light strong brittle gray toxic bivalent metallic element.
30. A soft silvery metallic element of the alkali earth group.
31. A unit of information equal to one million (1,048,576) bytes.
33. The compass point that is one point east (clockwise) of due north.
34. Naked freshwater or marine or parasitic protozoa that form temporary pseudopods for feeding and locomotion.
36. God of wealth and love.
37. A doctor's degree in education.
38. A public promotion of some product or service.
40. Someone who works (or provides workers) during a strike.
41. The largest and southernmost island in the Marianas.
42. A Chadic language spoken south of Lake Chad.
43. A city in northern India.
44. A flat-bottomed volcanic crater that was formed by an explosion.
46. A guided missile fired from shipboard against an airborne target.
47. An American doctorate usually based on at least 3 years graduate study and a dissertation.
48. A soft white precious univalent metallic element having the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal.

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