Crossword Puzzle Number 368 (Extra Small Grid)

11    12     13   
14   15  16    17   
18   19 20    21    
  22   23  24     
25 26      27     
28     29 30   31   
33 34 35  36 37   38  39 40 
41   42  43 44 45  46   
47     48    49   
50     51    52   


1. Title for a civil or military leader (especially in Turkey).
4. According to the Old Testament he was a pagan king of Israel and husband of Jezebel (9th century BC).
8. A mature blood cell that contains hemoglobin to carry oxygen to the bodily tissues.
11. A metric unit of volume or capacity equal to 10 liters.
12. (Irish) Mother of the Tuatha De Danann.
13. A period marked by distinctive character or reckoned from a fixed point or event.
14. By bad luck.
16. An anxiety disorder characterized by chronic free-floating anxiety and such symptoms as tension or sweating or trembling of light-headedness or irritability etc that has lasted for more than six months.
17. Airtight sealed metal container for food or drink or paint etc..
18. Informal terms for a mother.
19. A soft silver-white ductile metallic element (liquid at normal temperatures).
25. Chorea in dogs.
27. A radioactive element of the actinide series.
28. An organization of countries formed in 1961 to agree on a common policy for the sale of petroleum.
29. An enclosed space.
32. A soft silvery metallic element of the alkali earth group.
33. God of the earth.
36. An official prosecutor for a judicial district.
38. A short labored intake of breath with the mouth open.
41. (Babylonian) God of storms and wind.
43. A rapid escape (as by criminals).
46. Aircraft landing in bad weather in which the pilot is talked down by ground control using precision approach radar.
47. An amino acid that is found in the central nervous system.
48. A compartment in front of a motor vehicle where driver sits.
49. Light informal conversation for social occasions.
50. A woman hired to suckle a child of someone else.
51. A constellation in the southern hemisphere near Telescopium and Norma.
52. A loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth.


1. (Old Testament) In Judeo-Christian mythology.
2. Offering fun and gaiety.
3. A flat wing-shaped process or winglike part of an organism.
4. A public promotion of some product or service.
5. An ugly evil-looking old woman.
6. (Irish) Mother of the ancient Irish gods.
7. Having undesirable or negative qualities.
8. A summary that repeats the substance of a longer discussion.
9. Type genus of the Bramidae.
10. (astronomy) An indistinct surface feature of Mars once thought to be a system of channels.
15. Not enough.
20. The compass point that is one point east of due south.
21. Resinlike substance secreted by certain lac insects.
22. Mature female of mammals of which the male is called `buck'.
23. An associate degree in applied science.
24. Large burrowing rodent of South and Central America.
26. A unit of power equal to 746 watts.
30. The blood group whose red cells carry both the A and B antigens.
31. A Bantu language spoken by the Chaga people in northern Tanzania.
34. Mild yellow Dutch cheese made in balls.
35. A small cake leavened with yeast.
37. Type genus of the Alcidae comprising solely the razorbill.
38. A silvery soft waxy metallic element of the alkali metal group.
39. Someone who works (or provides workers) during a strike.
40. A metabolic acid found in yeast and liver cells.
42. The longer of the two telegraphic signals used in Morse code.
44. A river in north central Switzerland that runs northeast into the Rhine.
45. A master's degree in business.

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