Crossword Puzzle Number 439 (Small Grid)

  10 11 12 
13    14       15   
16   17    18   19    
20      21    22    
     23     24    
25 26 27  28   29  30     
31      32   33  34 35 36 
37   38     39   40   
   41    42   43    
44 45 46   47     48 49 50 51 
52    53   54 55      
56    57 58 59    60    
61    62     63  64   
65    66       67   


1. (Brit) A tough youth of 1950's and 1960's wearing Edwardian style clothes.
4. A medicinal drug used to evoke vomiting (especially in cases of drug overdose or poisoning).
10. Antibacterial drug (trade name Nydrazid) used to treat tuberculosis.
13. A constellation in the southern hemisphere near Telescopium and Norma.
14. A winged often one-seed indehiscent fruit as of the ash or elm or maple.
15. A field covered with grass or herbage and suitable for grazing by livestock.
16. Humorously vulgar.
18. A nonmetallic largely pentavalent heavy volatile corrosive dark brown liquid element belonging to the halogens.
20. The state prevailing during the absence of war.
22. A primeval personification of air and breath.
23. A metrical unit with unstressed-stressed syllables.
24. An island in Indonesia south of Borneo.
25. Having a face or facing especially of a specified kind or number.
29. A small cake leavened with yeast.
31. Title for a civil or military leader (especially in Turkey).
32. An official prosecutor for a judicial district.
33. Lower in esteem.
37. A region whose eastern part is Bangladesh and western part is included in India.
40. A master's degree in business.
41. The blood group whose red cells carry both the A and B antigens.
44. According to the Old Testament he was a pagan king of Israel and husband of Jezebel (9th century BC).
47. A long thin fluffy scarf of feathers or fur.
48. The basic unit of money in Bangladesh.
52. A family of Sino-Tibetan languages spoken in southeastern Asia.
54. (used in combination) Having cheeks as specified.
56. (usually followed by `of') Released from something onerous (especially an obligation or duty).
57. The capital and largest city of Yemen.
60. A metabolic acid found in yeast and liver cells.
61. A lyric poem with complex stanza forms.
62. In the same place (used when citing a reference).
64. A decree that prohibits something.
65. A coenzyme derived from the B vitamin nicotinic acid.
66. Dignified and somber in manner or character and committed to keeping promises.
67. A loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth.


1. Waterproofed canvas.
2. A member of an Iroquoian people formerly living on the south shore of Lake Erie in northern Ohio and northwest Pennsylvania and western New York.
3. A Chadic language spoken south of Lake Chad.
4. A small island.
5. A number of sheets of paper fastened together along one edge.
6. The square of a body of any size of type.
7. Alternatively, a member of the family Nymphaeaceae.
8. A unit of weight used in some Spanish speaking countries.
9. A white metallic element that burns with a brilliant light.
10. Tropical American tree grown in southern United States having a whitish pink-tinged fruit.
11. A desert in southern Israel.
12. Doglike nocturnal mammal of Africa and southern Asia that feeds chiefly on carrion.
17. A dull persistent (usually moderately intense) pain.
19. The seventh month of the Moslem calendar.
21. A soft silvery metallic element of the alkali earth group.
26. How long something has existed.
27. Airtight sealed metal container for food or drink or paint etc..
28. Lacking in liveliness or charm or surprise.
30. Any of numerous local fertility and nature deities worshipped by ancient Semitic peoples.
34. Before noon.
35. A metallic element having four allotropic forms.
36. (Akkadian) God of wisdom.
38. An amino acid that is found in the central nervous system.
39. Of or relating to the stomach and intestines.
42. The face or front of a building.
43. Any maneuver made as part of progress toward a goal.
45. A member of a seafaring group of North American Indians who lived on the Pacific coast of British Columbia and southwestern Alaska.
46. Combined or joined to increase in size or quantity or scope.
49. Jordan's port.
50. Cubes of meat marinated and cooked on a skewer usually with vegetables.
51. A city in southern Turkey on the Seyhan River.
53. Goddess of fertility.
55. A complex red organic pigment containing iron and other atoms to which oxygen binds.
58. A dark-skinned member of a race of people living in Australia when Europeans arrived.
60. A master's degree in business.
63. A hard brittle gray polyvalent metallic element that resembles iron but is not magnetic.

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