Crossword Puzzle Number 1971 (Small Grid)

  10 11 12 
13     14     15    
16    17   18       
19     20     21    
  22     23  24     
25 26   27   28       
29  30 31  32      33 34 35 
36    37   38 39      
  40      41   42   
43 44  45   46  47  48    
49  50      51    52 53 
54    55 56  57   58 59   
60    61      62    
63    64      65    


1. The head of a branch of an organized crime syndicate.
5. Speaking a Slavic language.
9. Showing self-interest and shrewdness in dealing with others.
13. Any culture medium that uses agar as the gelling agent.
14. A very young child (birth to 1 year) who has not yet begun to walk or talk.
15. On or toward the lee.
16. Ritual hand movement in Hindu religious dancing.
18. Genus of Mediterranean thistles.
19. A tricycle (usually propelled by pedalling).
21. Little known Kamarupan languages.
22. The largest continent with 60% of the earth's population.
25. 30 to 300 kilohertz.
27. A metric unit of volume equal to one tenth of a liter.
28. A particular geographical region of indefinite boundary (usually serving some special purpose or distinguished by its people or culture or geography).
29. A member of an Indian people of northern California living along the Russian River valley and adjacent Pacific coast.
32. Any of numerous hairy-bodied insects including social and solitary species.
36. A river that rises in eastern Kansas and flows eastward into Oklahoma to become a tributary of the Arkansas River.
38. Flatter in an obsequious manner.
40. A flat-bottomed volcanic crater that was formed by an explosion.
41. A colorless and odorless inert gas.
42. A compartment in front of a motor vehicle where driver sits.
43. A very poisonous metallic element that has three allotropic forms.
45. Mentally or physically infirm with age.
47. Noisy talk.
49. Wasting of the body during a chronic disease.
51. The corporate executive responsible for the operations of the firm.
54. Step on it.
55. Genus of tropical plants with creeping rootstocks and small umbellate flowers.
58. (Babylonian) God of wisdom and agriculture and patron of scribes and schools.
60. Title for a civil or military leader (especially in Turkey).
61. (Greek mythology) The rarified fluid said to flow in the veins of the Gods.
62. A strong wind moving 45-90 knots.
63. A unit of absorbed ionizing radiation equal to 100 ergs per gram of irradiated material.
64. Eaten as mush or as a thin gruel.
65. (Greek mythology) Greek god of war.


1. Providing sophisticated amusement by virtue of having artificially (and vulgarly) mannered or banal or sentimental qualities.
2. A fit of shivering.
3. A genus of Ploceidae.
4. German iris having large white flowers with lavender-tinged falls and a fragrant rhizome.
5. A metallic element having four allotropic forms.
6. A white soft metallic element that tarnishes readily.
7. The elementary stages of any subject (usually plural).
8. Included seven times in every 19 years.
9. West Indian tree having racemes of fragrant white flowers and yielding a durable timber and resinous juice.
10. (law) A defense by an accused person purporting to show that he or she could not have committed the crime in question.
11. A seaport in northwestern Italy.
12. Desire strongly or persistently.
17. Harsh or corrosive in tone.
20. A city and port in northern Jutland.
23. (Greek mythology) Goddess of the earth and mother of Cronus and the Titans in ancient mythology.
24. Lyrebirds and scrubbirds.
26. An armed adversary (especially a member of an opposing military force).
30. Informal terms for a mother.
31. A member of the Siouan people formerly living in Missouri in the valleys of the Missouri and Osage rivers.
33. Related to or located at the back.
34. The 7th letter of the Greek alphabet.
35. A young woman making her debut into society.
37. Genus of New Zealand mat-forming herbs or subshrubs.
38. A metallic element having four allotropic forms.
39. Childcare during the day while parents work.
44. Goat-like antelope of central Eurasia having a stubby nose like a proboscis.
46. A town and port in northwestern Israel in the eastern Mediterranean.
48. Music composed for dancing the conga.
50. A small ball with a hole through the middle.
52. (usually followed by `to') Having the necessary means or skill or know-how or authority to do something.
53. The third day of the week.
56. A legal document codifying the result of deliberations of a committee or society or legislative body.
57. A pass between mountain peaks.
58. A colorless and odorless inert gas.
59. A river in north central Switzerland that runs northeast into the Rhine.

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