Crossword Puzzle Number 1892 (Small Grid)

  10 11 12 
13     14      15   
16     17     18    
19   20 21     22  23   
24  25     26   27    
    28     29  30 31 32 
33 34  35     36      
37      38 39    40   
41      42     43   
   44   45    46    
47 48 49   50     51 52 53 54 
55    56    57  58    
59    60     61  62   
63    64       65   


1. A pilgrimage to Mecca.
5. Suggestive of an elf in strangeness and otherworldliness.
10. A republic in central Europe.
13. A former copper coin of Pakistan.
14. A member of the extinct Algonquian people formerly living in northern Indiana and southern Michigan.
15. A unit of length of thread or yarn.
16. Lacking or deprive of the sense of hearing wholly or in part.
17. Large burrowing rodent of South and Central America.
18. Any of numerous local fertility and nature deities worshipped by ancient Semitic peoples.
19. A silvery ductile metallic element found primarily in bauxite.
20. A motley assortment of things.
23. An undergarment worn by women to support their breasts.
24. A member of a legation.
26. Mother goddess.
28. A very poisonous metallic element that has three allotropic forms.
29. Avoid or try to avoid, as of duties, questions and issues.
33. (usually in the plural) Pants for casual wear.
37. Region of western Asia Minor colonized by Ancient Greeks.
40. A plant hormone promoting elongation of stems and roots.
41. A token that postal fees have been paid.
42. Avatar of Vishnu.
43. A human limb.
44. (Akkadian) God of wisdom.
45. Inability to coordinate voluntary muscle movements.
47. The second largest city in Tunisia.
51. Any culture medium that uses agar as the gelling agent.
55. The sense organ for hearing and equilibrium.
58. God of love and erotic desire.
59. Psychoactive substance present in marijuana.
60. The mountain peak that Noah's ark landed on as the waters of the great flood receded.
62. A device for creating a current of air by movement of a surface or surfaces.
63. Hormone secreted by the posterior pituitary gland (trade name Pitressin) and also by nerve endings in the hypothalamus.
64. A member of an agricultural people of southern India.
65. The federal agency that insures residential mortgages.


1. Relating to the deepest parts of the ocean (below 6000 meters).
2. Administer an oil or ointment to.
3. A nucleic acid consisting of large molecules shaped like a double helix.
4. A port in western Israel on the Mediterranean.
5. A woman Emperor or the wife of an Emperor.
6. A person who has lied or who lies repeatedly.
7. The face or front of a building.
8. An iconic mental representation.
9. A hard malleable ductile silvery metallic element that is resistant to corrosion.
10. Loose or flaccid body fat.
11. Located in or toward the back or rear.
12. Offering fun and gaiety.
21. A member of an Indian people formerly living along the Gulf coast of Louisiana and Texas.
22. Tax excessively.
25. A republic in West Africa on the Gulf of Guinea.
27. Any of various coarse shrubby plants of the genus Iva with small greenish flowers.
30. The capital of Western Samoa.
31. Dearly loved.
32. Mild yellow Dutch cheese made in balls.
34. (often followed by `of') A large number or amount or extent.
35. Type genus of the Cimicidae.
36. Fallow deer.
38. The father of your father or mother.
39. Small genus of South American epiphytic or lithophytic cacti.
40. An iconic mental representation.
46. Noisy talk.
48. King of Saudi Arabia since 1982 (born in 1922).
49. (of persons) Highest in rank or authority or office.
50. A sensation (as of a cold breeze or bright light) that precedes the onset of certain disorders such as a migraine attack or epileptic seizure.
52. A spar rising aft from a mast to support the head of a quadrilateral fore-and-aft sail.
53. A woman hired to suckle a child of someone else.
54. Type genus of the Ranidae.
56. The bill in a restaurant.
57. A small piece of cloth.
61. A hard gray lustrous metallic element that is highly corrosion-resistant.

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