Crossword Puzzle Number 117 (Small Grid)

  10 11 12 
13    14       15   
16    17       18   
19   20     21  22    
  23    24 25  26     
27 28  29   30   31  32 33 34 
35  36   37   38  39    
40     41   42 43  44   
45   46 47     48 49    
   50    51  52     
53 54 55     56 57   58 59 60 
61    62 63 64    65    
66    67     68  69   
70    71       72   


1. East Indian tree bearing a profusion of intense vermilion velvet-textured blooms and yielding a yellow dye.
4. Situated at an apex.
10. Angular distance above the horizon (especially of a celestial object).
13. A unit of surface area equal to 100 square meters.
14. A state in the western United States.
15. Any of numerous hairy-bodied insects including social and solitary species.
16. A light touch or stroke.
17. Covered with or as if with clothes or a wrap or cloak.
18. The sense organ for hearing and equilibrium.
19. Of or relating to abasia (inability to walk).
21. A member of the Wakashan people living on Vancouver Island and in the Cape Flattery region of northwestern Washington.
23. United States writer of poems and plays about racial conflict (born in 1934).
26. A rare silvery (usually trivalent) metallic element.
27. A soft white precious univalent metallic element having the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal.
29. The syllable naming the fourth (subdominant) note of the diatonic scale in solmization.
30. A Russian river.
31. Essential oil or perfume obtained from flowers.
35. (trademark) A liquid that temporarily disables a person.
39. Goddess of the dead and queen of the underworld.
40. A flat wing-shaped process or winglike part of an organism.
41. (astronomy) The angular distance of a celestial point measured westward along the celestial equator from the zenith crossing.
42. A soft silvery metallic element of the alkali earth group.
44. A graphical recording of the cardiac cycle produced by an electrocardiograph.
45. A bag used for carrying money and small personal items or accessories (especially by women).
48. A family of Sino-Tibetan languages spoken in southeastern Asia.
50. A basketball shot made with one hand from a position under or beside the basket (and usually banked off the backboard).
52. A metric unit of volume or capacity equal to 100 liters.
53. Celebes megapode that lays eggs in holes in sandy beaches.
56. Feeling or caused to feel uneasy and self-conscious.
61. Title for a civil or military leader (especially in Turkey).
62. (Norse mythology) God of light and peace and noted for his beauty and sweet nature.
65. Containing an unusual amount of grease or oil.
66. Psychoactive substance present in marijuana.
67. A port city in southwestern Iran.
69. A statement that deviates from or perverts the truth.
70. Grass mowed and cured for use as fodder.
71. A member of an agricultural people of southern India.
72. A slight amount or degree of difference.


1. An informal term for a father.
2. An Arabic speaking person who lives in Arabia or North Africa.
3. Cubes of meat marinated and cooked on a skewer usually with vegetables.
4. Small genus of evergreen trees of tropical America and western Africa.
5. Type genus of the Percidae.
6. Any of various coarse shrubby plants of the genus Iva with small greenish flowers.
7. A tight-fitting headdress.
8. Chief port of Yemen.
9. A lake in northwestern Russia north of St. Petersburg.
10. Assist or encourage, usually in some wrongdoing.
11. An accidental hole that allows something (fluid or light etc.) to enter or escape.
12. A three-tone Chadic language.
20. Free from risk or danger.
22. Profane or obscene expression usually of surprise or anger.
24. A member of an aboriginal people living in the hills in southeastern India.
25. The blood group whose red cells carry both the A and B antigens.
28. Offering fun and gaiety.
32. Paying particular notice (as to children or helpless people).
33. Type genus of the Alcidae comprising solely the razorbill.
34. East Indian cereal grass whose seed yield a somewhat bitter flour, a staple in the Orient.
36. Airtight sealed metal container for food or drink or paint etc..
37. A carriage consisting of two wheels and calash top.
38. A small pellet fired from an air rifle or BB gun.
43. A Loloish language.
46. A chronic skin disease occurring primarily in women between the ages of 20 and 40.
47. African tree having an exceedingly thick trunk and fruit that resembles a gourd and has an edible pulp called monkey bread.
49. In addition.
51. A genus of Ploceidae.
52. Half the width of an em.
54. Title for a civil or military leader (especially in Turkey).
55. Made of or resembling lace.
57. (informal) Exceptionally good.
58. The handle of a sword or dagger.
59. English essayist (1775-1834).
60. Colored or impregnated with dye.
63. A loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth.
64. A boy or man.
68. A silvery soft waxy metallic element of the alkali metal group.

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