Crossword Puzzle Number 875 (Medium Grid)

 10 11  12 13 14 
15     16        17   
18      19    20  21    
22     23    24  25     
26   27 28   29   30      
   31   32        33 34 
35 36 37   38   39   40  41   
42    43     44 45   46   
47   48     49   50 51    
52          53      
54       55  56   57    
      58     59   60 61 
62 63 64  65 66      67  68   
69       70 71  72   73   
74    75  76       77   
78    79         80   


1. A thrusting blow with a knife.
5. Coat a metal with an oxide coat.
12. The sign language used in the United States.
15. The work of caring for or attending to someone or something.
16. Situated at or extending to the side.
17. The 21st letter of the Greek alphabet.
18. Having a tone of a reed instrument.
19. A metric unit of volume or capacity equal to 10 liters.
20. A soft silver-white ductile metallic element (liquid at normal temperatures).
22. Title for a civil or military leader (especially in Turkey).
23. Of or relating to or characteristic of Morocco or its people.
25. A republic in West Africa on the Gulf of Guinea.
26. A Russian prison camp for political prisoners.
29. Of or relating to Iran or its people or language or culture.
31. A nonmetallic largely pentavalent heavy volatile corrosive dark brown liquid element belonging to the halogens.
35. A Powhatan Indian woman (the daughter of Powhatan) who befriended the English at Jamestown and is said to have saved Captain John Smith's life (1595-1617).
39. (Akkadian) God of wisdom.
40. An assertion of a right (as to money or property).
42. A constellation in the southern hemisphere near Telescopium and Norma.
43. Being nothing more than specified.
44. A colorless odorless gaseous element that give a red glow in a vacuum tube.
46. God of the earth.
47. Alternatively, a member of the family Nymphaeaceae.
52. Overeat or eat immodestly.
53. Smeared thickly.
54. An independent agency of the United States government responsible for aviation and spaceflight.
57. A soft silvery metallic element of the alkali earth group.
62. Large whale with a large cavity in the head containing spermaceti and oil.
67. American professional baseball player who hit more home runs than Babe Ruth (born in 1934).
69. (Greek mythology) Goddess of wisdom and useful arts and prudent warfare.
70. A member of the people inhabiting the Aleutian Islands and western Alaska.
73. American prizefighter who won the world heavyweight championship three times (born in 1942).
74. An enzyme that catalyzes the oxidation of many body compounds (e.g., epinephrine and norepinephrine and serotonin).
75. Characterized by friendship and good will.
77. Preserve of crushed fruit.
78. A communist nation that covers a vast territory in eastern Asia.
79. In a vicious manner.
80. A flat wing-shaped process or winglike part of an organism.


1. Lean end of the neck.
2. A city in southeastern South Korea.
3. Of or relating to or involving an area.
4. A piece of furniture that provides a place to sleep.
5. A silvery ductile metallic element found primarily in bauxite.
6. A quantity of no importance.
7. Type genus of the Otariidae.
8. French royal architect who built the Tuileries Palace and Gardens in Paris for Catherine de Medicis (1515-1570).
9. A heavy brittle metallic element of the platinum group.
10. An enclosed space.
11. Resembling or characteristic of or appropriate to an elegy.
12. Relating to or having the characteristics of bees.
13. Avoid and stay away from deliberately.
14. Capital and largest city and economic center of Peru.
21. Be going to.
24. A small tent used as a dressing room beside the sea or a swimming pool.
27. A dark-skinned member of a race of people living in Australia when Europeans arrived.
28. A metric unit of weight equal to one thousandth of a kilogram.
30. A hard malleable ductile silvery metallic element that is resistant to corrosion.
32. A unit of weight for precious stones = 200 mg.
33. Owing or owed feudal allegiance and service.
34. To fix or set securely or deeply.
36. An anti-TNF compound (trade name Arava) that is given orally.
37. Wasting of the body during a chronic disease.
38. Cubes of meat marinated and cooked on a skewer usually with vegetables.
41. Jordan's port.
45. Tropical starchy tuberous root.
48. Any of various herbaceous plants of the genus Atriplex that thrive in deserts and salt marshes.
49. Slanting diagonally across the grain of a fabric.
50. A state in midwestern United States.
51. An ancient region of northeastern Africa (southern Egypt and northern Sudan) on the Nile.
55. The basic unit of money in Macao.
56. The cardinal number that is the sum of four and one.
58. A heavy odorless colorless gas formed during respiration and by the decomposition of organic substances.
59. (used colloquially) Having the relationship of friends or pals.
60. Designating a solution containing 1 mole of solute per 1000 grams of solvent.
61. (Jungian psychology) The inner self (not the external persona) that is in touch with the unconscious.
63. Essential oil or perfume obtained from flowers.
64. Colloquial British abbreviation.
65. Type genus of the Anatidae.
66. A Tibetan or Mongolian priest of Lamaism.
68. A Hindu prince or king in India.
71. The act of slowing down or falling behind.
72. (Norse mythology) One of the Aesir known for his beauty and skill with bow and skis.
76. Being one more than three.

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