Crossword Puzzle Number 723 (Medium Grid)

 10 11  12 13 14 
15     16        17   
18       19     20    
21    22  23    24 25     
   26  27  28  29       
30 31 32     33     34 35 36 37 
38      39   40 41 42     
43    44 45    46    47   
48   49     50    51    
52        53        
     54  55    56   57  
58 59 60     61  62   63 64   
65    66 67 68  69   70   71 72 
73    74   75   76   77   
78    79         80   
81    82         83   


1. Block consisting of a thick piece of something.
5. Shockingly repellent.
12. A lyric poem with complex stanza forms.
15. The periodic rise and fall of the sea level under the gravitational pull of the moon.
16. Of or involving the ovaries.
17. A unit of absorbed ionizing radiation equal to 100 ergs per gram of irradiated material.
18. A feeling of strong eagerness (usually in favor of a person or cause).
19. A loud bombastic declamation expressed with strong emotion.
21. (from a combination of MOdulate and DEModulate) Electronic equipment consisting of a device used to connect computers by a telephone line.
23. A three-year law degree.
24. A port city in southwestern Iran.
26. Extremely pleasing.
28. Someone who can use sign language to communicate.
30. In a cagey manner.
33. The cry made by sheep.
34. An oral poliovirus vaccine (containing live but weakened poliovirus) that is given to provide immunity to poliomyelitis.
38. A long noosed rope used to catch animals.
40. A vast Asian region of Russia.
43. One of the five major classes of immunoglobulins.
44. Of or relating to or characteristic of the Republic of Chad or its people or language.
46. A room or establishment where alcoholic drinks are served over a counter.
47. A graphical recording of the cardiac cycle produced by an electrocardiograph.
48. Orange liqueur with lemon juice and brandy.
52. The quality of being secluded from the presence or view of others.
53. Lacking gonads.
54. English actor noted for his portrayals of Shakespeare's great tragic characters (1789-1833).
56. A logarithmic unit of sound intensity.
57. A colorless odorless inert gaseous element occurring in the earth's atmosphere in trace amounts.
58. (botany) Of or relating to the axil.
61. The United Nations agency concerned with civil aviation.
63. A public promotion of some product or service.
65. Large South African oryx with a broad black band along its flanks.
69. A period of time equal to 1/24th of a day.
73. Title for a civil or military leader (especially in Turkey).
74. Tuberous or rhizomatous herbaceous perennials.
77. Aircraft landing in bad weather in which the pilot is talked down by ground control using precision approach radar.
78. Not reflecting light.
79. A port in eastern Georgia near the mouth of the Savannah river.
80. A barrier constructed to contain the flow or water or to keep out the sea.
81. American prizefighter who won the world heavyweight championship three times (born in 1942).
82. An idle slothful person.
83. A loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth.


1. (linguistics) The form of a word after all affixes are removed.
2. (trademark) A type of inflatable air mattress.
3. (Babylonian) God of storms and wind.
4. Financial assistance in time of need.
5. Characteristic of a mob.
6. The eleventh month of the civil year.
7. A town in southeastern New Mexico on the Pecos River near the Mexican border.
8. A peninsula between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf.
9. A container.
10. A switch made from the stems of the rattan palms.
11. Half the width of an em.
12. Toward the mouth or oral region.
13. An informal term for a father.
14. Any place of complete bliss and delight and peace.
20. A list of dishes available at a restaurant.
22. Stem of the rattan palm used for making canes and umbrella handles.
25. A light strong brittle gray toxic bivalent metallic element.
27. Minor or subordinate.
29. Talks a great deal about uninteresting topics.
31. A high wave (often dangerous) caused by tidal flow (as by colliding tidal currents or in a narrow estuary).
32. A cushion on a throne for a prince in India.
35. (Greek mythology) One of the mountain nymphs.
36. A heavy iron tool with a wooden handle and a curved head that is pointed on both ends.
37. (zoology) Having freedom to move about.
39. The absolute unit of pressure equal to one dyne per square centimeter.
41. The villain in William Shakespeare's tragedy who tricked Othello into murdering his wife.
42. A name given to a product or service.
45. One who works hard at boring tasks.
49. American civil rights worker in Mississippi.
50. A walled city in southeastern China on the Gan Jiang.
51. American dwarf fan palms.
55. The branch of computer science that deal with writing computer programs that can solve problems creatively.
59. Established by or founded upon law or official or accepted rules.
60. Italian violin maker in Cremona.
62. A particular environment or walk of life.
64. (Irish) Chief god of the Tuatha De Danann.
66. Having or denoting a low vocal or instrumental range.
67. Using speech rather than writing.
68. A lake in the mountains of central Africa between Congo and Rwanda.
70. King of Saudi Arabia since 1982 (born in 1922).
71. Someone who works (or provides workers) during a strike.
72. God of love and erotic desire.
75. A shape that sags.
76. The month following February and preceding April.

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