Crossword Puzzle Number 461 (Medium Grid)

 10  11 12 13 14 
15    16        17    
18    19       20     
21   22      23 24      
   25    26  27       
28 29 30    31  32    33 34 35 36 
37     38       39    
40   41 42   43  44   45    
46  47    48     49  50   
51   52  53   54  55  56    
57      58  59    60    
     61  62  63  64     
65 66 67  68      69   70 71 72 
73      74  75 76   77    
78    79 80       81    
82    83        84    


1. A health resort near a spring or at the seaside.
4. A coarse lace.
11. Tree bearing large brown nuts containing e.g. caffeine.
15. A number of sheets of paper fastened together along one edge.
16. A Nilo-Saharan language spoken in parts of Chad.
17. An Arabic speaking person who lives in Arabia or North Africa.
18. The 7th letter of the Greek alphabet.
19. A member of a widespread group of Amerindians living in northeastern South America.
21. A consecrated ointment consisting of a mixture of oil and balsam.
23. Having the skin scraped off.
25. Indian religious leader who founded Sikhism (1469-1538).
27. Long and thin and often limp.
28. Speaking a Slavic language.
31. Issue or terminate (in a specified way, state, etc.).
33. The biblical name for ancient Syria.
37. God of love and erotic desire.
39. Any of the Hindu sacred writing.
40. The blood group whose red cells carry both the A and B antigens.
41. A unit of absorbed ionizing radiation equal to 100 ergs per gram of irradiated material.
43. A tax on employees and employers that is used to fund the Social Security system.
45. Essential oil or perfume obtained from flowers.
46. The branch of information science that deals with natural language information.
48. Not only so, but.
50. A federal agency established to coordinate programs aimed at reducing pollution and protecting the environment.
51. Fish-eating bird of warm inland waters having a long flexible neck and slender sharp-pointed bill.
54. A political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them.
57. Suffering from abulia.
59. A river in north central Switzerland that runs northeast into the Rhine.
60. The inner and longer of the two bones of the human forearm.
61. Light informal conversation for social occasions.
63. Small beads made from polished shells and formerly used as money by native Americans.
65. A battle in the Seven Years' War (1757).
69. A large metal or pottery vessel with a handle and spout.
73. Of or relating to or involving an area.
74. The 10th letter of the Greek alphabet.
77. Plant with an elongated head of broad stalked leaves resembling celery.
78. A sharp hand gesture (resembling a blow).
79. Resembling or characteristic of or appropriate to an elegy.
81. A notable achievement.
82. Fermented alcoholic beverage similar to but heavier than beer.
83. A state of equilibrium.
84. Type genus of the Alcidae comprising solely the razorbill.


1. A detailed description of design criteria for a piece of work.
2. A course of conduct.
3. The sixth month of the civil year.
4. Small shrubby African tree having compound leaves and racemes of small fragrant green flowers.
5. American professional baseball player who hit more home runs than Babe Ruth (born in 1934).
6. A genus of Paridae.
7. (used especially of commodities) In the natural unprocessed condition.
8. A constellation in the southern hemisphere near Telescopium and Norma.
9. A mountain in the Himalayas in Nepal (27,790 feet high).
10. Half the width of an em.
11. (Polynesian) An alcoholic drink made from the aromatic roots of the kava shrub.
12. Toward the mouth or oral region.
13. Remove with or as if with a ladle.
14. In bed.
20. Bulky grayish-brown eagle with a short wedge-shaped white tail.
22. (trademark) An alloy of iron and nickel having a low coefficient of thermal expansion.
24. English monk and scholar (672-735).
26. Edge tool used as a cutting instrument.
29. 1 species.
30. Before noon.
32. Minute blackish gregarious flies destructive to mushrooms and seedlings.
34. Render verbally, "recite a poem".
35. A tricyclic antidepressant (trade names Adapin and Sinequan) with numerous side effects (dry mouth and sedation and gastrointestinal disturbances).
36. A percussion instrument consisting of a pair of hollow pieces of wood or bone (usually held between the thumb and fingers) that are made to click together (as by Spanish dancers) in rhythm with the dance.
38. A bachelor's degree in religion.
42. Norwegian mathematician (1802-1829).
44. Relatively low in price or charging low prices.
47. In favor of (an action or proposal etc.).
49. A ductile malleable reddish-brown corrosion-resistant diamagnetic metallic element.
52. A major city of northeastern Oklahoma on the Arkansas river.
53. Port city that is the capital and largest city of Latvia.
55. A short introductory essay preceding the text of a book.
56. A state of Uganda and site of a former Bantu kingdom.
58. Make a cackling sound.
62. God of wealth and love.
64. A silvery ductile metallic element found primarily in bauxite.
66. Using speech rather than writing.
67. The compass point that is one point east of southeast.
68. (pathology) An elevation of the skin filled with serous fluid.
70. A Gaelic-speaking Celt in Ireland or Scotland or the Isle of Man.
71. An organization of countries formed in 1961 to agree on a common policy for the sale of petroleum.
72. A quantity of no importance.
75. A piece of jewelry that is pinned onto the wearer's garment.
76. Committee formed by a special-interest group to raise money for their favorite political candidates.
80. A white soft metallic element that tarnishes readily.

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