Crossword Puzzle Number 221 (Medium Grid)

 10 11  12 13 14 
15    16         17   
18    19       20     
21   22      23 24   25   
   26      27   28    
29 30 31    32 33 34    35 36 37 38 
39     40      41     
42       43  44 45  46    
47     48 49     50  51   
52   53 54     55       
56       57  58    59   
   60        61 62    
63 64 65     66 67 68 69  70 71 72 73 
74    75 76 77     78  79   
80    81         82   
83    84         85   


1. A city in north central Morocco.
4. Relating to compounds in which silver is bivalent.
12. A condition (mostly in boys) characterized by behavioral and learning disorders.
15. Liquid containing proteins and electrolytes including the liquid in blood plasma and interstitial fluid.
16. Completely devoid of wisdom or good sense.
17. The cry made by sheep.
18. The 7th letter of the Greek alphabet.
19. Wild ginger.
20. In such a manner as could not be otherwise.
21. A tranquilizer (trade name Loxitane) used to treat schizophrenia.
23. The Tibeto-Burman language spoken in the Dali region of Yunnan.
25. The longer of the two telegraphic signals used in Morse code.
26. The basic unit of money in South Africa.
27. Type genus of the Alcidae comprising solely the razorbill.
29. United States poet and critic (1899-1979).
32. A small constellation in the polar region of the southern hemisphere near the Southern Cross and Chamaeleon.
35. An amino acid that is found in the central nervous system.
39. A primeval personification of air and breath.
40. Made from residue of grapes or apples after pressing.
41. A design fixed to some surface or a paper bearing the design to be transferred to the surface.
42. Cubes of meat marinated and cooked on a skewer usually with vegetables.
43. A Chadic language spoken south of Lake Chad.
46. A small wooded hollow.
47. A loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth.
51. Of or relating to or characteristic of Thailand of its people.
52. Showing the wearing effects of overwork or care or suffering.
55. Resembling a berry.
56. The quality of being outrageous.
58. Inquire about.
59. A boy or man.
60. A statistical method for making simultaneous comparisons between two or more means.
61. A soft silvery metallic element.
63. 100 thebe equal 1 pula.
66. Erect bushy annual widely cultivated in warm regions of India and Indonesia and United States for forage and especially its edible seeds.
70. Type genus of the family Arcidae.
74. A river in north central Switzerland that runs northeast into the Rhine.
75. A port city is southern Indonesia.
79. An associate degree in applied science.
80. A member of the Dravidian people living in southeastern India.
81. A family of birds of the suborder Oscines.
82. Government agency created in 1974 to license and regulate nuclear power plants.
83. Fermented alcoholic beverage similar to but heavier than beer.
84. Give up, such as power, as of monarchs and emperors, or duties and obligations.
85. Hormone secreted by the posterior pituitary gland (trade name Pitressin) and also by nerve endings in the hypothalamus.


1. An intuitive awareness.
2. (prefix) Outside or outer.
3. The second largest city in Tunisia.
4. (Babylonian) A demigod or first man.
5. Any of a class of solid or semisolid viscous substances obtained either as exudations from certain plants or prepared by polymerization of simple molecules.
6. The mother of your father or mother.
7. A republic consisting of 26 of 32 counties comprising the island of Ireland.
8. Inflammation of the urethra of unknown cause.
9. An alloy of copper and zinc (and sometimes arsenic) used to imitate gold in cheap jewelry and for gilding.
10. A heavy brittle metallic element of the platinum group.
11. Someone who is critical of the motives of others.
12. In bed.
13. An informal term for a father.
14. Distinctive and stylish elegance.
22. A particular environment or walk of life.
24. A flat wing-shaped process or winglike part of an organism.
28. Advanced in years.
30. Pertaining to or resembling amoebae.
31. Island in West Indies.
33. Relating to the Urdu language.
34. Singing jazz.
36. Any organic compound formed by adding alcohol molecules to aldehyde molecules.
37. When dried yields a hard substance used e.g. in golf balls.
38. Related by common characteristics or ancestry.
44. A small cake leavened with yeast.
45. Type genus of the Anatidae.
48. Quality of being active or spirited or vigorous.
49. A television system that has more than the usual number of lines per frame so its pictures show more detail.
50. (informal) Very bad.
53. Taken or to be taken at random.
54. Partial or total loss of memory.
57. Saudi Arabian minister of petroleum who was a central figure in the creation of OPEC (born in 1930).
62. A soft silvery metallic element of the alkali earth group.
64. The act of drawing or hauling something.
65. A member of an Iroquoian people formerly living on the south shore of Lake Erie in northern Ohio and northwest Pennsylvania and western New York.
67. In or relating to or obtained from urine.
68. A quantity of no importance.
69. Any of various small biting flies.
71. Type genus of the Ranidae.
72. One of a set of small pieces of stiff paper marked in various ways and used for playing games or for telling fortunes.
73. United States writer (born in Poland) who wrote in Yiddish (1880-1957).
76. Someone who engages in arbitrage (who purchases securities in one market for immediate resale in another in the hope of profiting from the price differential).
77. A master's degree in education.
78. A unit of force equal to the force exerted by gravity.

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