Crossword Puzzle Number 1957 (Medium Grid)

 10 11  12 13 14 
15     16        17   
18     19        20   
21    22  23    24  25    
26     27   28 29       
   30      31    32 33 34 
35 36 37   38 39 40 41    42    
43     44    45 46  47    
48    49    50   51  52   
53    54    55    56    
57   58   59 60  61     62  
   63  64    65    66   
67 68 69         70   71 72 
73       74 75 76 77   78   
79     80 81       82   
83     84        85   


1. The event of something ending.
5. A Chadic language spoken in the Mandara mountains in Cameroon.
12. Standard time in the 6th time zone west of Greenwich, reckoned at the 90th meridian.
15. Goddess of fate.
16. Relating to or like or divided into areolae.
17. South American wood sorrel cultivated for its edible tubers.
18. A small but appreciable amount.
19. Wheelwork consisting of a connected set of rotating gears by which force is transmitted or motion or torque is changed.
20. A rotating disk shaped to convert circular into linear motion.
21. An active and efficient cause.
23. An index of the cost of all goods and services to a typical consumer.
24. Source of a tough elastic wood.
26. Type genus of the Cariamidae comprising only the crested cariama.
28. Be going to.
30. An accountant certified by the state.
31. Become quiet or quieter.
35. Interface consisting of a standard port between a computer and its peripherals that is used in some computers.
38. Lacking or deprive of the sense of hearing wholly or in part.
42. Any of numerous local fertility and nature deities worshipped by ancient Semitic peoples.
43. Type genus of the Alcidae comprising solely the razorbill.
44. West Indian tree having racemes of fragrant white flowers and yielding a durable timber and resinous juice.
47. In bed.
48. A unit of length of thread or yarn.
50. A pilgrim who journeys to Mecca.
52. (informal) Of the highest quality.
53. A river in north central Switzerland that runs northeast into the Rhine.
54. Any of various primates with short tails or no tail at all.
55. Carnations and pinks.
57. Sediment that has settled at the bottom of a liquid.
59. 1/10 gram.
61. An established ceremony prescribed by a religion.
62. A unit of weight equivalent to 1000 kilograms.
63. Aromatic bulb used as seasoning.
65. Submerged aquatic plant having narrow leaves and small flowers.
67. Feed excessively.
70. Bottle that has a narrow neck.
73. A long piece of brightly colored cloth (cotton or silk) used as clothing (a skirt or loincloth or sash etc.) in India and Pakistan and Burma.
74. A low triangular area where a river divides before entering a larger body of water.
78. Aircraft landing in bad weather in which the pilot is talked down by ground control using precision approach radar.
79. Resembling or similar.
80. The father of your father or mother.
82. A barrier constructed to contain the flow or water or to keep out the sea.
83. A nearly horizontal passage from the surface into a mine.
84. Any of several free-flowering tropical or subtropical shrubs of the genus Hamelia.
85. A loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth.


1. Wood of a sumac.
2. Type genus of the Triglidae.
3. The fur of an otter.
4. An ancient maritime country (a collection of city states) at eastern end of the Mediterranean.
5. (informal) A witty amusing person who makes jokes.
6. Any of several tall tropical palms native to southeastern Asia having egg-shaped nuts.
7. A less than average tide occurring at the first and third quarters of the moon.
8. (Greek mythology) Wife of Nereus and mother of the Nereids.
9. American prizefighter who won the world heavyweight championship three times (born in 1942).
10. Soviet physicist who worked on low temperature physics (1908-1968).
11. Wild sheep of semidesert regions in central Asia.
12. A South American shrub whose leaves are chewed by natives of the Andes.
13. A fraudulent business scheme.
14. Flat and uninspiring.
22. The sound made by a gentle blow.
25. Fleshy spore-bearing inner mass of e.g. a puffball or stinkhorn.
27. Characterized by undue haste and lack of thought or deliberation.
29. The military installation from which a commander performs the functions of command.
32. A region of Malaysia in northeastern Borneo.
33. The cavity in which the large intestine begins and into which the ileum opens.
34. First in order of birth.
36. Clear to the mind.
37. Sudden mass fear and anxiety over anticipated events.
39. Worn or shabby from overuse or (of pages) from having corners turned down.
40. A silvery ductile metallic element found primarily in bauxite.
41. King of Saudi Arabia since 1982 (born in 1922).
45. (in Scotland) A child.
46. A genus of Platalea.
49. Turn basic and less acidic, of solutions and substances.
51. The Palestinian uprising (beginning in 1987) against the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
56. A bluish shade of green.
58. Tall coarse perennial American herb having small white flowers followed by blackish-red berries on long drooping racemes.
60. Expletives used informally as intensifiers.
64. English film actress (1913-1967).
66. (Irish) Chief god of the Tuatha De Danann.
68. (law) Lacking any legal or binding force.
69. (Sumerian) Water god and god of wisdom.
71. Someone who works (or provides workers) during a strike.
72. God of love and erotic desire.
75. The compass point midway between northeast and east.
76. A lipoprotein that transports cholesterol in the blood.
77. Of or relating to or characteristic of Thailand of its people.
81. An intensely radioactive metallic element that occurs in minute amounts in uranium ores.

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