Crossword Puzzle Number 1834 (Medium Grid)

 10 11  12 13 14 
15    16         17   
18   19    20      21   
22     23 24      25    
26    27    28 29  30     
   31     32      33 34 
35 36 37      38   39  40   
41       42   43  44    
45     46 47   48  49     
50     51  52   53   54   
55   56 57   58  59  60 61    
   62      63 64      
65 66 67      68     69 70 71 
72      73 74     75    
76     77       78    
79     80       81    


1. British informal term.
4. Bubble shells.
12. Someone who engages in arbitrage (who purchases securities in one market for immediate resale in another in the hope of profiting from the price differential).
15. An inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others.
16. A monastery for lamas.
17. A unit of length of thread or yarn.
18. Norwegian explorer of the Arctic and director of the League of Nations relief program for refugees of World War I (1861-1930).
20. An important question that is in dispute and must be settled.
21. Light informal conversation for social occasions.
22. Prevent from being included or considered or accepted.
23. A quantity of no importance.
26. Covered with paving material.
28. An attendant who carries the golf clubs for a player.
31. Water soaked soil.
32. Leafless East Indian vine.
35. A tricycle (usually propelled by pedalling).
38. A colorless and odorless inert gas.
39. Deciduous shrub of North America.
41. A city in southern Turkey on the Seyhan River.
42. The yield from plants in a single growing season.
44. Being the one previously mentioned or spoken of.
45. A member of the Mayan people of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.
48. A canvas bag that is used to feed an animal (such as a horse).
50. (computer science) A coding system that incorporates extra parity bits in order to detect errors.
51. Tag the base runner to get him out.
53. A soft silvery metallic element of the alkali earth group.
54. A strong emotion.
55. 40th President of the United States (1911- ).
58. Title for a civil or military leader (especially in Turkey).
60. Measuring instrument in which the echo of a pulse of microwave radiation is used to detect and locate distant objects.
62. Capital of Nigeria in the center of the country.
63. Any of numerous local fertility and nature deities worshipped by ancient Semitic peoples.
65. A sultanate in northwestern Borneo.
72. Worn or shabby from overuse or (of pages) from having corners turned down.
75. Type genus of the family Ulvaceae.
76. Armor plate that protects the chest.
78. Someone whose job is to dye cloth.
79. A tax on employees and employers that is used to fund the Social Security system.
80. Straighten up or out.
81. A river in central Italy rising in the Apennines and flowing through Florence and Pisa to the Ligurian Sea.


1. Toxin secreted by animals (by certain snakes and poisonous insects (e.g., spiders and scorpions)).
2. Small terrestrial lizard of warm regions of the Old World.
3. Relating to or resembling a cone.
4. Fermented alcoholic beverage similar to but heavier than beer.
5. A Dravidian language spoken in southern India.
6. The square of a body of any size of type.
7. A sudden short attack.
8. (Old Testament) A son of Jacob and a forebear of one of the tribes of Israel.
9. A potent estrogen used in medicine and in feed for livestock and poultry.
10. Any of several coarse tall perennial grasses of most warm areas.
11. The organ of sight (`peeper' is an informal term for `eye').
12. Primitive chlorophyll-containing mainly aquatic eukaryotic organisms lacking true stems and roots and leaves.
13. A large quantity of written matter.
14. A small cake leavened with yeast.
19. Enduring strength and energy.
24. Before noon.
25. act between parties with a view to reconciling differences.
27. Formerly a gold coin of various European countries.
29. American professional baseball player who hit more home runs than Babe Ruth (born in 1934).
30. A doctor's degree in dental medicine.
33. Minute blackish gregarious flies destructive to mushrooms and seedlings.
34. Sturdy carnivorous burrowing mammal with strong claws widely distributed in the northern hemisphere v 1.
36. Deduce (a principle) or construe (a meaning).
37. The capital and largest city of Bangladesh.
40. Marked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion to a cause or idea.
43. A numbered compartment in a post office where mail is put to be called for.
46. The feeling of being bored by something tedious.
47. A white metallic element that burns with a brilliant light.
49. (Old Testament) The wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac.
52. The cry made by sheep.
56. God of wisdom or prophesy.
57. In bed.
59. A port city in southwestern Iran.
61. Type genus of the Alaudidae.
64. (of complexion) Blemished by imperfections of the skin.
66. East Indian cereal grass whose seed yield a somewhat bitter flour, a staple in the Orient.
67. In or relating to or obtained from urine.
68. More or less flat-topped cluster of flowers in which the central or terminal flower opens first.
69. (Welsh) Corresponds to Iris Ler.
70. Kitchen appliance used for baking or roasting.
71. Edible starchy tuberous root of taro plants.
73. Imperial dynasty that ruled China (most of the time) from 206 BC to 221 and expanded its boundaries and developed its bureaucracy.
74. A white linen liturgical vestment with sleeves.
77. A radioactive transuranic element that is similar to uranium.

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