Crossword Puzzle Number 1833 (Medium Grid)

 10 11  12 13 14 
15    16         17   
18    19       20     
21   22   23    24   25   
   26  27       28    
29 30 31       32  33     
34     35  36    37  38 39 40 
41    42     43 44   45   
46       47     48    
49   50  51     52 53     
54   55    56 57        
  58   59 60     61  62 63 64 
65 66   67     68 69      
70    71   72 73     74   
75    76         77   
78    79         80   


1. A change in the electrical properties of the skin in response to stress or anxiety.
4. Showing empathy or ready comprehension of others' states.
12. Gone by.
15. A flat wing-shaped process or winglike part of an organism.
16. The shell of a marine organism.
17. The last (12th) month of the year.
18. A rapid escape (as by criminals).
19. Small genus of tropical South African trees and shrubs.
20. Lighted up by or as by fire or flame.
21. A genus of Indriidae.
23. A Uralic language spoken by a Samoyed people of northern Siberia.
25. A beverage made by steeping tea leaves in water.
26. Go on board.
29. Small circular or square cases of dough with savory fillings.
34. Chief port of Yemen.
35. A loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth.
37. United States chemist (1839-1903).
41. An island in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa.
43. Informal terms for a mother.
45. A statement that deviates from or perverts the truth.
46. The United Nations agency concerned with the interests of labor.
47. A gonadotropic hormone that is secreted by the anterior pituitary.
49. False sabertoothed tigers.
52. Far away from home or one's usual surroundings.
54. A rare silvery (usually trivalent) metallic element.
55. A benevolent aspect of Devi.
56. An inhabitant of ancient Thebes.
59. Someone who works (or provides workers) during a strike.
61. The capital of Morocco.
65. One species.
70. Leaf or strip from a leaf of the talipot palm used in India for writing paper.
71. A poisonous crystalline alkaloid extracted from the nightshade family.
74. Piece of solid food for dipping in a liquid.
75. A room equipped with toilet facilities.
76. A genus of Phalangeridae.
77. A metal-bearing mineral valuable enough to be mined.
78. A nucleic acid consisting of large molecules shaped like a double helix.
79. Cause to be bitter or resentful.
80. (informal) Roused to anger.


1. Offering fun and gaiety.
2. Speaking a Slavic language.
3. Avatar of Vishnu.
4. A member of a people inhabiting the Arctic (northern Canada or Greenland or Alaska or eastern Siberia).
5. Japanese ornamental tree with fragrant white or pink blossoms and small yellow fruits.
6. A river in northeastern Brazil that flows generally northward to the Atlantic Ocean.
7. Someone who asks a question.
8. (informal) An instance of deliberate thinking.
9. A form of energy that is transferred by a difference in temperature.
10. Being nine more than forty.
11. Soil that is plastic when moist but hard when fired.
12. A Hindu goddess who releases from sin or disease.
13. Small genus of hairy herbs with yellow flowers.
14. A large body of water constituting a principal part of the hydrosphere.
22. United States industrialist who manufactured and sold processed foods (1844-1919).
24. A complete metric system of units of measurement for scientists.
27. Divulge information or secrets.
28. Being one more than ninety.
30. A port city in southwestern Turkey on the Gulf of Antalya.
31. Toxin secreted by animals (by certain snakes and poisonous insects (e.g., spiders and scorpions)).
32. A software system that facilitates the creation and maintenance and use of an electronic database.
33. A soft white precious univalent metallic element having the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal.
36. Bristlelike process near the tip of the antenna of certain flies.
38. (Scottish) Bluish-black or gray-blue.
39. Cause a floating log to rotate by treading.
40. A small hard fruit.
42. (Islam) The man who leads prayers in a mosque.
44. According to the Old Testament he was a pagan king of Israel and husband of Jezebel (9th century BC).
48. Occurring at or forming an end or termination.
50. Not very intelligent or interested in culture.
51. An ACE inhibitor (trade name Vasotec) that blocks the formation of angiotensin in the kidney and so results in vasodilation.
53. A Scandinavian language (closely related to Icelandic) that is spoken on the Faroe Islands.
57. A hemoprotein composed of globin and heme that gives red blood cells their characteristic color.
58. An anti-TNF compound (trade name Arava) that is given orally.
60. A list of dishes available at a restaurant.
62. Very close in friendship or affection.
63. 100 agorot equal 1 shekel.
64. Written on a typewriter.
66. A feeling of strong eagerness (usually in favor of a person or cause).
67. Plant with an elongated head of broad stalked leaves resembling celery.
68. A genus of Mustelidae.
69. King of Denmark and Norway who forced Edmund II to divide England with him.
72. An implement used to propel or steer a boat.
73. (British) Tavern consisting of a building with a bar and public rooms.

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