Crossword Puzzle Number 1832 (Medium Grid)

 10  11 12 13 14 
15    16        17    
18   19      20       
21         22   23    
24        25   26     
   27    28   29    30 31 
32 33 34   35    36  37  38   
39    40   41   42   43   
44    45      46 47 48    
49   50     51 52       
53     54 55  56        
   57 58   59  60       
61 62 63     64 65    66 67 68 69 
70     71 72     73     
74     75     76   77   
78     79        80   


1. 30 to 300 megahertz.
4. A city in central Florida.
11. The back side of the neck.
15. The sense organ for hearing and equilibrium.
16. Pouch used in the shipment of mail.
17. A sign of something about to happen.
18. A rope fitted with a hook and used for towing a gun carriage.
20. Having an end or small portion cut off.
21. Common European brown bat.
22. A white metallic element that burns with a brilliant light.
23. (prefix) Indicating difference or variation.
24. An anticonvulsant drug (trade names Emeside and Zarontin) used to treat petit mal epilepsy.
27. An international organization of European countries formed after World War II to reduce trade barriers and increase cooperation among its members.
29. (informal) Of the highest quality.
32. Little known Kamarupan languages.
37. A sheet or band of fibrous connective tissue separating or binding together muscles and organs etc.
39. 10 grams.
41. An organization of countries formed in 1961 to agree on a common policy for the sale of petroleum.
43. A widely distributed system consisting of all the cells able to ingest bacteria or colloidal particles etc, except for certain white blood cells.
44. A resource.
45. A deep prolonged loud noise.
46. A Dravidian language spoken in south central India.
49. Manufactured in standard sizes to be shipped and assembled elsewhere.
53. A former copper coin of Pakistan.
54. The blood group whose red cells carry both the A and B antigens.
56. The quality of being safe.
57. A region of Malaysia in northeastern Borneo.
60. Relating to or characteristic of or occurring on land.
61. A republic in the West Indies on the western part of the island of Hispaniola.
64. According to the Old Testament he was a pagan king of Israel and husband of Jezebel (9th century BC).
66. Toward the mouth or oral region.
70. An officer who acts as military assistant to a more senior officer.
74. (Greek mythology) God of love.
75. A tricycle (usually propelled by pedalling).
77. Extremely pleasing.
78. The process whereby heat changes something from a solid to a liquid.
79. A member of the Siouan people formerly inhabiting the Black Hills of western South Dakota.
80. The federal agency that insures residential mortgages.


1. A member of a Finnish people of Russia.
2. Living quarters reserved for wives and concubines and female relatives in a Muslim household.
3. (archaic) Very cold.
4. A group of related languages spoken in a valley of southern Ethiopia.
5. Insectivorous usually semiaquatic web-footed amphibian with smooth moist skin and long hind legs.
6. A linear unit (1/40 inch) used to measure diameter of buttons.
7. On or toward the lee.
8. A soft gray ductile metallic element used in alloys.
9. The capital and largest city of Bangladesh.
10. A member of the Siouan people formerly inhabiting the Black Hills of western South Dakota.
11. A genus of the cactus family with scarlet flowers.
12. To an ample degree or in an ample manner.
13. British politician (1788-1850).
14. (prefix) Within.
19. A contestant who loses the contest.
25. Preparatory school work done outside school (especially at home).
26. Liquid containing proteins and electrolytes including the liquid in blood plasma and interstitial fluid.
28. (physics and chemistry) The smallest component of an element having the chemical properties of the element.
30. Decorative evergreen shrubs of woody vines.
31. A statement of fundamental facts or principles.
33. (in Scotland) A child.
34. English psychologist who collaborated with I. A. Richards in designing Basic English (1889-1957).
35. African tree having an exceedingly thick trunk and fruit that resembles a gourd and has an edible pulp called monkey bread.
36. A chronic inflammatory collagen disease affecting connective tissue (skin or joints).
38. United States writer (1871-1900).
40. A master's degree in business.
42. An informal conversation.
47. The right to take another's property if an obligation is not discharged.
48. The capital and largest city of England.
50. Most quickly.
51. A very poisonous metallic element that has three allotropic forms.
52. Stem of the rattan palm used for making canes and umbrella handles.
55. A soft silvery metallic element of the alkali earth group.
58. The branch of computer science that deal with writing computer programs that can solve problems creatively.
59. A member of a seafaring group of North American Indians who lived on the Pacific coast of British Columbia and southwestern Alaska.
62. A river in northern England that flows southeast through West Yorkshire.
63. A material effigy that is worshipped as a god.
65. Precipitation of ice pellets when there are strong rising air currents.
67. A Berber living in northern Morocco.
68. A woman hired to suckle a child of someone else.
69. A Chadic language spoken south of Lake Chad.
71. A corporation's first offer to sell stock to the public.
72. A human limb.
73. A loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth.
76. A silvery ductile metallic element found primarily in bauxite.

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