Crossword Puzzle Number 138 (Medium Grid)

 10 11  12 13 14 
15    16         17   
18   19  20   21    22    
23    24  25   26       
  27   28   29        
30 31  32       33   34 35 36 
37  38     39 40 41  42     
43      44    45   46   
47     48   49   50 51    
52   53 54    55        
56      57    58      
   59    60    61     
62 63 64     65 66 67 68  69 70 71 72 
73     74  75    76  77   
78    79  80       81   
82    83         84   


1. A decree that prohibits something.
4. A sweet cake flavored with sesame or caraway seeds and lemon.
12. What you can repeat immediately after perceiving it.
15. A loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth.
16. Gum resin used especially in treating skin irritation.
17. A branch of the Tai languages.
18. An investment trust that owns and manages a pool of commercial properties and mortgages and other real estate asssets.
20. Being ten more than one hundred forty.
21. The head or top of a mast.
23. A state in the Rocky Mountains.
25. A public promotion of some product or service.
26. Inflammation of the ileum.
27. English theoretical physicist who applied relativity theory to quantum mechanics and predicted the existence of antimatter and the positron (1902-1984).
29. The sound of a bell rung slowly to announce a death or a funeral or the end of something v 1.
30. The blood group whose red cells carry both the A and B antigens.
32. The compass point that is one point east of northeast.
33. (trademark) Nylon fabric used as a fastening.
37. (informal) Exceptionally good.
42. (Assyrian) Chief god of the Assyrians.
43. The amount a salary is increased.
46. A dark-skinned member of a race of people living in Australia when Europeans arrived.
47. Relating to or containing the azo radical.
49. Fish with dorsoventrally flattened bodies.
52. A white or colorless vitreous insoluble solid (SiO2).
55. The largest city and principal port of New Zealand.
56. Leave or strike out, as of vowels.
58. A vehicle for carrying a coffin to a church or a cemetery.
59. The principal evil jinni in Islamic mythology.
61. A metric unit of length equal to 100 meters.
62. East Indian tree yielding a resin used medicinally and burned as incense.
65. The sixth month of the civil year.
69. Type genus of the Alcidae comprising solely the razorbill.
73. Easy to handle or use or manage.
75. The second largest state.
77. A river in north central Switzerland that runs northeast into the Rhine.
78. An agency of the United Nations affiliated with the World Bank.
79. Goat grass.
81. One of the most common of the five major classes of immunoglobulins.
82. A colloid in a more solid form than a sol.
83. In an advanced stage of pregnancy.
84. A young woman making her debut into society.


1. Capital city of the Apulia region on the Adriatic coast.
2. In bed.
3. Submerged aquatic plant having narrow leaves and small flowers.
4. A metallic element having four allotropic forms.
5. An international organization of European countries formed after World War II to reduce trade barriers and increase cooperation among its members.
6. Spin or twist together so as to form a cord.
7. A person who announces and plays popular recorded music.
8. A rotating disk shaped to convert circular into linear motion.
9. At full speed.
10. The third month of the civil year.
11. A genus of evergreen shrub that grows in New Zealand.
13. Of or relating to or characteristic of Thailand of its people.
14. A youth subculture that began in London in the early 1960s.
19. Any movable possession (especially articles of clothing).
22. Hilly land.
24. A metal-bearing mineral valuable enough to be mined.
28. The elementary stages of any subject (usually plural).
31. The largest Latin American country and the largest Portuguese speaking country in the world.
34. A cloth used as a head covering (and veil and shawl) by Muslim and Hindu women.
35. Prolific Flemish baroque painter.
36. Alloy of copper and tin and zinc.
38. Garlic mayonnaise.
39. A radioactive element of the actinide series.
40. Cubes of meat marinated and cooked on a skewer usually with vegetables.
41. Relatively small fast-moving sloth.
44. A white trivalent metallic element.
45. Make an etching of.
48. A soft silvery metallic element of the alkali earth group.
50. An endorsement.
51. Tropical American tree grown in southern United States having a whitish pink-tinged fruit.
53. Conforming to an ultimate standard of perfection or excellence.
54. All the New World monkeys except marmosets and tamarins.
57. Of or relating to the stomach and intestines.
60. French composer noted for his experimentalism and rejection of romanticism (1866-1925).
63. An officer who acts as military assistant to a more senior officer.
64. (archaic or Scottish) Faithful and true.
66. A shop selling delicatessen (as salads or cooked meats).
67. Long nerve fiber that conducts away from the cell body of the neuron.
68. Deeply moved.
70. Set down according to a plan.
71. An enclosure made or wire or metal bars in which birds or animals are kept.
72. An Arabic speaking person who lives in Arabia or North Africa.
74. A yearning for something or to do something.
76. The compass point midway between south and southeast.
80. 1,000,000,000 periods per second.

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