Crossword Puzzle Number 126 (Medium Grid)

 10  11 12 13 14 
15    16        17    
18    19      20 21     
22   23    24   25      
  26       27       
28 29       30        
31  32  33  34 35      36 37 38 
39      40     41  42   
43    44 45  46   47  48  49  
50   51    52     53 54   
55     56 57    58 59     
   60     61 62     63 64 
65 66 67   68      69  70   
71    72   73 74   75     
76    77  78    79   80   
81    82         83   


1. The month following March and preceding May.
4. An obsolete firearm with a long barrel.
11. A white crystalline double sulfate of aluminum.
15. A fixed charge for a privilege or for professional services.
16. The more conspicuous of two alternatives or cases or sides.
17. British writer of short stories (1870-1916).
18. A loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth.
19. Jordan's port.
20. An orderly assigned to serve a British military officer.
22. English courtier (a favorite of Elizabeth I) who tried to colonize Virginia.
24. A public promotion of some product or service.
25. Wear away.
26. A member of an American Indian people of Yucatan and Belize and Guatemala who once had a culture characterized by outstanding architecture and pottery and astronomy.
28. A very poisonous metallic element that has three allotropic forms.
31. French romantic writer (1766-1817).
36. A nucleic acid that transmits genetic information from DNA to the cytoplasm.
39. A genus of Ploceidae.
40. Deeply moved.
42. Noisy talk.
43. One of the most common of the five major classes of immunoglobulins.
44. An intensely radioactive metallic element that occurs in minute amounts in uranium ores.
46. Goddess of love and fecundity.
49. That is to say.
50. Having a slightly undulating margin.
52. An officer who acts as military assistant to a more senior officer.
53. The actions and activities assigned to or required or expected of a person or group.
55. Mild yellow Dutch cheese made in balls.
56. A Russian river.
58. A woman hired to suckle a child of someone else.
60. (prefix) Indicating difference or variation.
61. The ninth month of the Hindu calendar.
65. Empty rhetoric or insincere or exaggerated talk.
68. (Akkadian) God of wisdom.
69. A design fixed to some surface or a paper bearing the design to be transferred to the surface.
71. Oil palms.
75. An Indian side dish of yogurt and chopped cucumbers and spices.
76. A spacecraft that carries astronauts from the command module to the surface of the moon and back.
77. (medical) An absence of normal pigmentation especially in the skin (as in albinism) or in red blood cells.
80. A guided missile fired from shipboard against an airborne target.
81. A unit of length of thread or yarn.
82. Goat grass.
83. An independent agency of the United States government responsible for collecting and coordinating intelligence and counterintelligence activities abroad in the national interest.


1. (old-fashioned) At or from or to a great distance.
2. Having nine hinged bands of bony plates.
3. A domain in which something is dominant.
4. A large sandwich made of a long crusty roll split lengthwise and filled with meats and cheese (and tomato and onion and lettuce and condiments).
5. A member of the Circassian people living east of the Black Sea.
6. A sudden loss of consciousness resulting when the rupture or occlusion of a blood vessel leads to oxygen lack in the brain.
7. Cubes of meat marinated and cooked on a skewer usually with vegetables.
8. A small nail.
9. North American republic containing 50 states - 48 conterminous states in North America plus Alaska in northwest North America and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean.
10. Italian operatic soprano (born in 1922).
11. Being or relating to or resembling or emanating from stars.
12. A monastery for lamas.
13. An edict of the Russian tsar.
14. Extracted from a source of supply as of minerals from the earth.
21. In bed.
23. Worn or shabby from overuse or (of pages) from having corners turned down.
27. Pitted with cell-like cavities (as a honeycomb).
29. Deliberately arranged for effect.
30. Plant bearing large mild thick-walled usually bell-shaped fruits.
32. (Babylonian) A demigod or first man.
33. Acquire or gain knowledge or skills.
34. A colorless and odorless inert gas.
35. A Chadic language spoken south of Lake Chad.
37. Horny plate covering and protecting part of the dorsal surface of the digits.
38. Widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions for its fragrant flowers and colorful fruits.
41. A person who announces and plays popular recorded music.
45. Become adolescent.
47. Not only so, but.
48. A genus of orb-weaving spiders including common garden spiders and barn spiders.
51. Affect with wonder.
54. A midwestern state in north central United States in the Great Lakes region.
57. A long thin fluffy scarf of feathers or fur.
59. A state in southeastern India on the Bay of Bengal (south of Andhra Pradesh).
62. Something whose name is either forgotten or not known.
63. New Zealand conifer.
64. Tropical American tree grown in southern United States having a whitish pink-tinged fruit.
66. On or toward the lee.
67. The battle in 202 BC in which Scipio decisively defeated Hannibal at the end of the second Punic War.
70. (computer science) A kind of computer architecture that has a large number of instructions hard coded into the cpu chip.
72. A plant hormone promoting elongation of stems and roots.
73. The use of nuclear magnetic resonance of protons to produce proton density images.
74. A person active in party politics.
78. A heavy silvery toxic univalent and bivalent metallic element.
79. The sciences concerned with gathering and manipulating and storing and retrieving and classifying recorded information.

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