Crossword Puzzle Number 116 (Medium Grid)

 10 11  12 13 14 
15    16         17   
18    19       20 21    
22   23      24 25  26    
27       28 29        
   30    31     32 33 34 35 
36 37 38     39   40      
41    42  43   44   45    
46   47  48   49   50  51   
52        53  54  55    
56      57 58       59  
   60    61   62   63   
64 65 66   67 68   69   70  71 72 
73     74   75   76     
77    78      79   80   
81    82         83   


1. Electrical conduction through a gas in an applied electric field.
4. Having uncoordinated muscular movements, symptomatic of a CNS disorder.
12. Headdress that protects the head from bad weather.
15. A unit of length of thread or yarn.
16. Hunting rabbits with beagles.
17. A period marked by distinctive character or reckoned from a fixed point or event.
18. A hospital unit staffed and equipped to provide intensive care.
19. An accessory or adjoining anatomical parts or appendages (especially of the embryo).
20. A blow from a flat object (as an open hand).
22. Relating to or characterized by basidia.
24. A chronic progressive nervous disorder involving loss of myelin sheath around certain nerve fibers.
26. An ancient Hebrew unit of dry measure equal to about a bushel.
27. A medicinal drug used to evoke vomiting (especially in cases of drug overdose or poisoning).
28. Any member of Athapaskan tribes that migrated to the southwestern desert (from Arizona to Texas and south into Mexico).
30. (Irish) Mother of the ancient Irish gods.
31. A tiny or scarcely detectable amount.
32. Waterproofed canvas.
36. The head of a branch of an organized crime syndicate.
39. A monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles.
40. Of or relating to the spleen.
41. A metal-bearing mineral valuable enough to be mined.
45. Ice crystals forming a white deposit (especially on objects outside).
46. Remorse for your past conduct.
49. A state in east central United States.
51. Extinct flightless bird of New Zealand.
52. A bar of sand.
53. Submerged marine plant with very long narrow leaves found in abundance along North Atlantic coasts.
56. Leave or strike out, as of vowels.
57. Conforming to an ultimate standard of perfection or excellence.
59. The branch of engineering science that studies the uses of electricity and the equipment for power generation and distribution and the control of machines and communication.
60. An organization of independent states to promote international peace and security.
61. A public promotion of some product or service.
62. Large sweet juicy hybrid between tangerine and grapefruit having a thick wrinkled skin.
64. Short account of an incident (especially a biographical one).
70. Type genus of the Aceraceae.
73. Produced by a manufacturing process.
74. A member of a North American Indian people of southeastern California and northwestern Mexico.
77. A loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth.
80. A small drink of liquor.
81. A humming noise.
82. Of or relating to or exhibiting pyknosis.
83. A conspicuous disparity or difference as between two figures.


1. (law) A defense by an accused person purporting to show that he or she could not have committed the crime in question.
2. A summary that repeats the substance of a longer discussion.
3. Events that provide the generative force that is the origin of something.
4. A port city in southwestern Iran.
5. A tricycle (usually propelled by pedalling).
6. Type genus of the Ranidae.
7. Red-winged blackbirds.
8. Being ten more than one hundred fifty.
9. (Akkadian) Mother of the gods and consort of Apsu.
10. Not out.
11. System of measurement based on centimeters and grams and seconds.
12. A collection of objects laid on top of each other.
13. (of persons) Highest in rank or authority or office.
14. The basic unit of money in Bangladesh.
21. A person who participates in a meeting.
23. The United Nations agency concerned with civil aviation.
25. A burn cause by hot liquid or steam.
29. Perennial of the genus Phytolacca.
33. (Jungian psychology) The inner self (not the external persona) that is in touch with the unconscious.
34. Having branches.
35. Give pleasure to.
37. Of or relating to or involving an area.
38. 100 penni equal 1 markka.
42. Straighten up or out.
43. A beautiful and graceful girl.
44. The part of the eye that contains the iris and ciliary body and choroid.
47. Advance evidence for.
48. A white metallic element that burns with a brilliant light.
50. 1/10 gram.
54. (Welsh) A warrior god.
55. Become less tense.
58. One of the evil spirits of traditional Jewish and Christian belief.
63. The formation of frost or ice on a surface.
65. (Babylonian) God of wisdom and agriculture and patron of scribes and schools.
66. Mild yellow Dutch cheese made in balls.
67. (informal) Being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition.
68. Any piece of work that is undertaken or attempted.
69. Anything that serves as an enticement.
71. English essayist (1775-1834).
72. A fabric with prominent rounded crosswise ribs.
75. The United Nations agency concerned with the interests of labor.
76. A former agency (from 1946 to 1974) that was responsible for research into atomic energy and its peacetime uses in the United States.
78. A physician who is not a specialist but treats all illnesses.
79. A hard malleable ductile silvery metallic element that is resistant to corrosion.

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