Crossword Puzzle Number 192 (Large Grid)

  10 11 12  13 14 15 
16    17      18     19   
20      21   22     23    
24    25 26    27     28    
29   30        31  32     
  33     34     35    36 37 
38 39    40 41    42 43  44  45   
46  47       48     49    
50     51   52     53  54   
55    56  57       58 59    
60       61      62     
63   64  65 66      67      
68    69    70 71  72     73  
   74    75  76 77    78 79   
80 81 82    83  84   85  86   87 88 
89     90   91    92   93   
94    95   96   97     98   
99    100      101     102   


1. An insecticide that is also toxic to animals and humans.
4. (Babylonian) A demigod or first man.
9. Lie adjacent to another.
13. (Judaism) Sacred chest where the ancient Hebrews kept the two tablets containing the Ten Commandments.
16. The sense organ for hearing and equilibrium.
17. The capital and largest city of Yemen.
18. Something causes misery or death.
19. Liquid excretory product.
20. The first Hindu calendar month (corresponding to March or April in the Gregorian calendar).
21. A high-pitched noise resembling a human cry.
24. A Kwa language spoken by the Yoruba people in southwestern Nigeria.
25. A particular geographical region of indefinite boundary (usually serving some special purpose or distinguished by its people or culture or geography).
27. Type genus of the Alcidae comprising solely the razorbill.
28. (prefix) Outside or outer.
29. Arranged in or consisting of laminae.
31. The space between two lines or planes that intersect.
33. An Arabic speaking person who lives in Arabia or North Africa.
35. A light touch or stroke.
38. A soft white precious univalent metallic element having the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal.
40. According to the Old Testament he was a pagan king of Israel and husband of Jezebel (9th century BC).
44. A person who handles or caresses in a clumsy or over-familiar manner.
45. A light strong gray lustrous corrosion-resistant metallic element used in strong light-weight alloys (as for airplane parts).
46. Excessively agitated.
49. An international organization created in 1949 by the North Atlantic Treaty for purposes of collective security.
50. A golf shot that curves to the right for a right-handed golfer.
51. 1 species.
54. A unit of absorbed ionizing radiation equal to 100 ergs per gram of irradiated material.
55. Dwell (archaic).
57. Direct in spatial dimensions.
58. (Assyrian) Chief god of the Assyrians.
60. (computer science) A computer that is running software that allows users to leave messages and access information of general interest.
61. A narrow headband or strip of ribbon worn as a headband.
62. A university town in east central Maine on the Penobscot River north of Bangor.
63. A historical area and former kingdom in northwestern Spain.
65. A member of an American Indian people of Yucatan and Belize and Guatemala who once had a culture characterized by outstanding architecture and pottery and astronomy.
68. Painter (born in Germany, resident of France and the United States) who was a cofounder of Dadaism.
70. One thousand grams.
72. Being two more than ninety.
73. (Akkadian) God of wisdom.
74. The branch of computer science that deal with writing computer programs that can solve problems creatively.
76. The blood group whose red cells carry both the A and B antigens.
78. A son who has the same first name as his father.
80. Of or relating to yoga.
89. A car that resembles a convertible but has a fixed rigid top.
91. An esoteric or occult matter that is traditionally secret.
93. Light informal conversation for social occasions.
94. A United Nations agency to coordinate international health activities and to help governments improve health services.
95. Jordan's port.
97. A person who has lied or who lies repeatedly.
98. A sweetened beverage of diluted fruit juice.
99. A tight embrace.
100. A unit of weight for precious stones = 200 mg.
101. Electronic warfare undertaken to insure effective friendly use of the electromagnetic spectrum in spite of the enemy's use of electronic warfare.
102. A boy or man.


1. A design fixed to some surface or a paper bearing the design to be transferred to the surface.
2. The capital and largest city of Bangladesh.
3. Any physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc..
4. Remote city of Kazakhstan that (ostensibly for security reasons) was made the capital in 1998.
5. An official prosecutor for a judicial district.
6. Typical geese.
7. Large burrowing rodent of South and Central America.
8. A river in north central Switzerland that runs northeast into the Rhine.
9. Norwegian mathematician (1802-1829).
10. An indehiscent fruit derived from a single ovary having one or many seeds within a fleshy wall or pericarp.
11. Remove the hand from.
12. A brittle silver-white metalloid element that is related to selenium and sulfur.
13. With rapid movements.
14. An investment trust that owns and manages a pool of commercial properties and mortgages and other real estate asssets.
15. A game in which numbered balls are drawn and random and players cover the corresponding numbers on their cards.
22. (used of count nouns) Every one considered individually.
23. Periwinkle plant derivative used as an antineoplastic drug (trade name Velban) that disrupts cell division.
26. A wired or starched collar of intricate lace.
30. (of linens or clothes) Smoothed with a hot iron.
32. A conspicuous disparity or difference as between two figures.
34. (in India and Burma) Robbery by a gang of armed dacoits.
36. Some held in custody.
37. An early symptom that a disease is developing or that an attack is about to occur.
39. An unpleasant person who grabs inconsiderately.
41. Located at or near the back of an animal.
42. A sketchy summary of the main points of an argument or theory.
43. A long noosed rope used to catch animals.
45. United States artist who was a leader of the pop art movement (1930-1987).
47. American inventor.
48. (Scottish) A narrow secluded valley (in the mountains).
52. A squeaking sound.
53. The mother-in-law of Ruth whose story is told in the Book of Ruth in the Old Testament.
56. Angular distance above the horizon (especially of a celestial object).
59. A historical region in central and northern Yugoslavia.
64. An anti-inflammatory drug that does not contain steroids.
66. A state in northwestern North America.
67. Liquid containing proteins and electrolytes including the liquid in blood plasma and interstitial fluid.
69. Steady recurrent ticking sound as made by a clock.
71. (Greek mythology) Goddess of the earth and mother of Cronus and the Titans in ancient mythology.
75. A unit of magnetomotive force equal to 0.7958 ampere-turns.
77. The sacred writings of the Christian religion.
79. Belonging to or befitting a supreme ruler.
81. An island of central Hawaii (between Molokai and Kauai).
82. Rum cut with water.
83. South American armadillo with three bands of bony plates.
84. Singing jazz.
85. Concerning those not members of the clergy.
86. A commercial leavening agent containing yeast cells.
87. An informal term for a father.
88. In bed.
90. A Turkish unit of weight equal to about 2.75 pounds.
92. Resinlike substance secreted by certain lac insects.
96. A soft silvery metallic element of the alkali earth group.

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