Crossword Puzzle Number 1115 (Large Grid)

  10 11 12  13 14 15 
16    17      18     19   
20   21    22  23     24    
25      26       27     
28     29     30        
   31     32 33    34   35 36 
37 38 39   40  41   42    43    
44       45      46   47  
48     49 50     51 52  53 54   
55    56  57   58      59   
60   61  62    63     64    
65        66   67  68     
69   70    71  72 73        
  74   75     76      77 78 
79 80   81   82 83 84    85   86  
87      88       89  90   
91    92 93     94 95 96   97   
98    99      100     101   


1. The compass point midway between south and southeast.
4. Praise, glorify, or honor.
9. The cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one.
13. A fatal disease of cattle that affects the central nervous system.
16. Thigh of a hog (usually smoked).
17. The inner and thicker of the two bones of the human leg between the knee and ankle.
18. (used of count nouns) Every one considered individually.
19. American prizefighter who won the world heavyweight championship three times (born in 1942).
20. Large west African tree having large palmately lobed leaves and axillary cymose panicles of small white flowers and one-winged seeds.
22. A desert in southern Israel.
25. (Greek mythology) The brother of Jocasta and uncle of Antigone who became king of Thebes after the fall of Oedipus.
26. A family of languages of the Fula people of west Africa in the sub-Sahara regions from Senegal to Chad.
28. The eighth month of the Hindu calendar.
30. The place where something begins, where it springs into being.
31. South American wood sorrel cultivated for its edible tubers.
34. Valuable fiber plant of East Indies now widespread in cultivation.
37. Wild or seedling sweet cherry used as stock for grafting.
40. A woman sahib.
43. Herb of the Pacific islands grown throughout the tropics for its edible root and in temperate areas as an ornamental for its large glossy leaves.
44. In addition.
45. One of the two main branches of orthodox Islam.
46. Of or relating to the stomach and intestines.
47. The 12th letter of the Greek alphabet.
48. A Loloish language.
49. An organism (especially a bacterium) that does not require air or free oxygen to live.
53. (Old Testament) In Judeo-Christian mythology.
55. Goddess of criminal rashness and its punishment.
57. A very poisonous metallic element that has three allotropic forms.
58. (Norse mythology) The primeval giant slain by Odin and his brothers and from whose body they created the world.
59. (Irish) Mother of the ancient Irish gods.
60. A major school of Buddhism teaching personal salvation through one's own efforts.
63. (New Testament) The sages who visited Jesus and Mary and Joseph shortly after Jesus was born.
65. A genus of fungi belonging to the family Geastraceae.
66. A white metallic element that burns with a brilliant light.
67. Either of a pair of tubes conducting the egg from the ovary to the uterus.
69. Diabetes caused by a relative or absolute deficiency of insulin and characterized by polyuria.
70. A unit of dry measure used in Egypt.
72. A person who travels through the water by swimming.
75. Black tropical American cuckoo.
76. Bring into existence.
79. On a ship, train, plane or other vehicle.
82. A burn cause by hot liquid or steam.
85. A rare heavy polyvalent metallic element that resembles manganese chemically and is used in some alloys.
86. Before noon.
87. Any of various small chiefly tropical and usually nocturnal insectivorous terrestrial lizards typically with immovable eyelids.
89. A city in southern Turkey on the Seyhan River.
91. Government agency created in 1974 to license and regulate nuclear power plants.
92. A deep pulsating type of pain.
94. In or of the present month.
97. Narrow wood or metal or plastic runners used for gliding over snow.
98. One of the five major classes of immunoglobulins.
99. Aquatic South American rodent resembling a small beaver.
100. A river in north central Switzerland that runs northeast into the Rhine.
101. A close friend who accompanies his buddies in their activities.


1. The feeling of distress and disbelief that you have when something bad happens accidentally.
2. A native-born Israeli.
3. An independent ruler or chieftain (especially in Africa or Arabia).
4. Relating to or being a member of an ethnic group.
5. Denoting a quantity consisting of 12 items or units.
6. The blood group whose red cells carry both the A and B antigens.
7. A herbaceous plant genus of the family Linaceae with small sessile leaves.
8. A unit of weight used in east Asia approximately equal to 1.3 ounces.
9. The time of life between the ages of 12 and 20.
10. Small circular or square cases of dough with savory fillings.
11. Being nine more than ninety.
12. A midwestern state in north central United States in the Great Lakes region.
13. Type genus of the Balaenidae.
14. Speaking a Slavic language.
15. A genus of Mustelidae.
21. Chief port of Benin on the Bight of Benin.
23. A rare silvery (usually trivalent) metallic element.
24. A department of Greece in the central Peloponnese.
27. (Judaism) Sacred chest where the ancient Hebrews kept the two tablets containing the Ten Commandments.
29. A member of a North American Indian people of southeastern California and northwestern Mexico.
32. United States tennis player who was the first Black to win United States and English singles championships (1943-1993).
33. The owner or manager of a dairy.
35. An annual publication including weather forecasts and other miscellaneous information arranged according to the calendar of a given year.
36. Dark brown mustelid of woodlands of Eurasia that gives off an unpleasant odor when threatened.
38. The attitude that society should be governed by an elite group of individuals.
39. Agreement with a statement or proposal to do something.
41. Small shrubby African tree having compound leaves and racemes of small fragrant green flowers.
42. Leafless East Indian vine.
50. Norwegian explorer of the Arctic and director of the League of Nations relief program for refugees of World War I (1861-1930).
51. Blindly and obstinately attached to some creed or opinion and intolerant toward others.
52. Capital of Armenia.
54. Thorn apple.
56. Someone whose job is to dye cloth.
61. A member of a widespread group of Amerindians living in northeastern South America.
62. Wild sheep of northern Africa.
64. Regarded with deep or rapturous love (especially as if for a god).
68. To say or state again.
71. A clergyman having spiritual and administrative authority.
73. (Greek mythology) One of the three Graces.
74. Italian lawn bowling (played on a long narrow dirt court).
77. A form of Japanese poetry.
78. (computer science) A system of world-wide electronic communication in which a computer user can compose a message at one terminal that is generated at the recipient's terminal when he logs in.
80. A large mass of ice floating at sea.
81. A training program to prepare college students to be commissioned officers.
83. An important seaport on the Island of Cebu in the Philippines.
84. A radioactive element of the actinide series.
88. Earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something.
90. Of southern Europe.
93. A trivalent metallic element of the rare earth group.
95. A silvery soft waxy metallic element of the alkali metal group.
96. A soft silver-white or yellowish metallic element of the alkali metal group.

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