Halloween Crossword Puzzle Game

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4. Worn on Halloween night.
6. Worn to hide one's face.
8. Creates a web to catch flies.
9. Potions are created in this.
10. Evil spirit which likes to cause trouble for humans.
12. Something you say to scare someone.
15. A house where ghosts live is said to be this.
16. Creature that flies.
17. Sweet treats given on Halloween.
18. A black one is said to bring bad luck.
19. Hoots at night.


1. Wolves howl at this.
2. These are carved for Halloween.
3. Made of all the bones in your body.
5. Turns into a wolf when the moon is full
7. You might wear a sheet to look like one of these.
11. Month in which Halloween takes place.
13. Dracula is one of these.
14. Flies on a broomstick on Halloween.

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