Easter Crossword Puzzle Game

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 12      13     


1. Lots of these sweet goods to be found on this day.
3. The hero of the day is the Easter _____.
4. You do this with eggs on this holiday.
6. Traditional meal for this holiday.
8. He gets from place to place, he ____.
9. Month in which Easter takes place.
11. Where you put your goodies found on Easter.
12. Chickens provide these.
13. Season in which this holiday takes place.


1. Type of candy made from a bean.
2. Day of the week Easter always falls on.
5. Traditional flower for this day.
6. When you go and look for goodies, it is called an Easter ____.
7. The date of the holiday is related to this being full.
10. Furry animal with big teeth.

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